In Net beans 8, during debugging (in my case, smali debugging), you cannot change char sequence variables, they are shown as read-only strings. An example of usage is Android text-elements (EditText) whose value is stored in Obj.mText.mText in a char sequence. The following screenshot, shows a Tree view, but you cannot change the field in table view either.

So, I tried do the same with Net beans 6.8 and I found that it let me edit char-sequence variables. After some research I figured out that in order to enable editing of those variables I need to disable the auto formatting. You do this in tools menu -> options and remove the V of Default Char sequence formatter:


Now it will not show the string, but an array of Chars that is editable:


Now we can edit, but we can still not see it as a string… I cannot accept shit like that..

So I’ve created a new formatter which shows it nicely, but also allows editing:


Using this formatter, you can see it as a string (view only), but also edit the chars:



Good luck


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