Course Description

As cloud computing evolves, it is clear that cloud is not “business as usual” but a paradigm that require new thinking on how to secure those highly dynamic environments. Cloud computing security considerations are very diversify and range from technical  challenges to compliance and legal issues. This class was developed specifically to address the variety of challenges arising from cloud computing – starting from bottom up we review the different terms and model relevant to cloud computing, understand the security consideration for each cloud service level and putting extra attention on how to address cloud security topics such as provider evaluation, legal and compliance and identity management. In the end of.this class participants will be able to better understand cloud terms and concepts,  analyze security requirements and plan secure cloud migration



Section 1

   Cloud Security - Lesson 1 Preview 32 min
  •    Cloud Security - Lesson 2 23 min
  •    Cloud Security – Lesson 3 15 min
  •    Cloud Security – Lesson 4 21 min
  •    Cloud Security – Lesson 5 15 min
  •    Cloud Security – Lesson 6 22 min
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