Course Description

There are many powerful hacking tools out there, and many men and woman with no qualms about ill-using them. Almost every organization has an Internet connection nowadays or an unhappy or gullible employee somewhere in the lines.

Knowing that, be assured – your computer systems will be attacked!

Whether once a day, or every hundred days, your systems are probed, your Internet infrastructure made accessible to malicious software spreading through your vital information. The attackers target your systems with increasing viciousness and new tactics.

To defend it, you must understand the different hacking tools and techniques used.

By helping you understand attack tactics and strategies and providing experience in detecting weak spots and uncovering intruders, this course can equip you with a the ability to form a handling plan for such cases, and turn the tables on attackers.

We will cover cutting-edge insidious attack vectors as well as the old but ever popular attack methods that are still in use. This course provides a step by step guideline for responding to computer incidents, as well as an in depth description of how attackers undermine your systems. In short – it will allow you the skills to prepare for, detect, and repel them.

The course will be focusing on scanning for, exploiting, and defending your systems and will enable you to find your systems weak spots, before anyone else.

This course is designed for those who lead or are a part of an incident handling team, including system administrators, security architects and high level.


Section 1

   Lesson 1 - Hacker Techniques And Exploits Preview 5 min
  •    Lesson 2 - Hacking Terminology 10 min
  •    Lesson 3 - Recon 11 min
  •    Lesson 4 - Nmap Scaning part 1 22 min
  •    Lesson 5 - Nmap Advanced part 2 16 min
  •    Lesson 6 - SMB Hacking - Sheard folders 18 min
  •    Lesson 7 - Man in the Middle - MITMF Grab Passwords 19 min
  •    Lesson 8 - Getting Started With Payloads - baypass AV 27 min
  •    Lesson 9 - The Meterpreter 17 min
  •    Lesson 10 - Create A trusted Payload 6 min
  •    Lesson 11 - Payload Persistence Get Hold Of Your Victem 12 min
  •    Lesson 12 - Privilage Escalation Get The Admin user 0 min
  •    Lesson 13 - Grab User Password With Mimikatz 7 min
  •    Lesson 14 - Mitmf - Advanced Social Engineering Browser Attack 16 min
  •    Lesson 15 - Complex Attack - Dns Spoof, Phishing, Get System Administrator 11 min
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