Course Description

Course abstract

Secure programming is the best defense against hackers. This multi-layered course will demonstrate live real time hacking methods, analyze the code deficiency that enabled the attack and most importantly, teach how to prevent such vulnerabilities by adopting secure coding best practices in order to bullet-proof your .NET applications.

The methodology of the Cycle of knowledge is as follows: Understand, Identify, Prevent. This methodology presents the student with analytic tools to keep a deeper understanding of coding vulnerabilities and implement security countermeasures in different areas of the software development lifecycle.

The courses cover major security principles in the .NET framework, the training includes programming vulnerabilities, and specific security issues relevant to web.


Following completion of all chapters the student will be directed to a final exam- once passing the final exam (60% and above) the student will receive a completion certificate.

Target audience:

.NET developers


Section 1

   Introduction Preview 30 min
  •    input-validation 30 min
  •    Authentication 30 min
  •    Authorization 30 min
  •    Session & Cookie Management 30 min
  •    Dealing with Databases 30 min
  •    Output Encoding Script 30 min
  •    Error Handling 30 min
  •    Security Logging 30 min
  •    File Handling 30 min
  •    Data Confidentiality & Integrity 30 min
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