Course Description

It is rare for todays’ IT systems to have no security facilities within them. Many organisations, or projects, cannot afford to have an assigned security architect. Yet many solutions or technical architects do not have a good understanding of Information Assurance (IA). This means that many systems are being designed and built that do not mitigate many of the current and emerging threats from today’s interconnected IT world. The Solutions Architecture Security Practitioner (SASP) course is targeted at Solution Architects wishing to know how to design secure systems and gain the knowledge of how to architect into a system a wide range of security controls.


Section 1

   Introduction Preview 8 min
  •    Security Across the Lifecycle 0 min
  •    The Basics of Security Architecture 0 min
  •    Advanced Security Architecture Concepts 0 min
  •    Information Assurance Methodologies 0 min
  •    Preparation for the SASP Mock Exam 0 min
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